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Medical writer
After moving from Brazil to the Netherlands, Andréa found a position at Ophtec which immediately felt like home. “It really is a family business with an open character and a great community spirit, but also with global ambitions.”

On the other side of the world

Andréa grew up in Brazil, and after medical school she decided to specialize in obstetrics and gynecology. During her Ph.D. studies she started working in the pharmaceutical industry. “At first, only part-time,” Andréa says, “but I discovered that I liked the profession so much. The world of drug safety is extremely interesting. And important too. Thus, after finishing my education, I found my way into the pharmaceutical industry.”

“I’ve never regretted it for a moment”

But then, fourteen years ago, she fell in love with a Dutchman and after a few years, they finally decided: Andréa would come to The Netherlands. But finding a job in the North of the Netherlands was not easy. “Most pharmaceutical companies were located around Amsterdam and Rotterdam, more than two hours by train.” For several years she traveled a couple of hours to and from work. Until two and a half years ago when she saw the vacancy for a medical writer at Ophtec. “A company in Groningen!” An opportunity Andréa took with both hands. “And I’ve never regretted it for a moment.”

"At Ophtec, everyone can be themselves"

“We really learn from each other here”

Andréa’s new job at Ophtec also marked her first job in the medical device world. “Until then I had mainly worked in the pharmaceutical industry.” According to Andréa, Ophtec is much more flexible. “But flexibility is also part of the culture of the company. Very open-minded, with space for different colleagues with different backgrounds, ages, and knowledge levels,” Andréa explains. “Thanks to this mix between colleagues with tons of experience and colleagues who have just started and bring in fresh ideas, there’s an interesting dynamic. There is enough space and time at Ophtec to really learn from each other.”

A flexible company culture

The Ophtec flexibility also seeps through Andrea’s range of tasks. “I read everything published by and for our industry. The medical literature, websites, studies, analyses, complaints – I read everything, I interpret the contents, and, if necessary, I write reports about it.” A boring and dusty task? “You might think so. But it’s just what you make of it. And that’s the good thing at Ophtec: I plan my days between medical writing tasks and data analysis. This way I avoid having my ‘head in a book’ all day and can ensure my work does not become a routine.”

Teamwork makes the dream work

When it is very busy, Andréa can always count on the help of her colleagues. “I work in a small team, so we always know what everyone is doing. Although we all have our specialties and responsibilities, we’re always there to help and support each other. Funny actually, even though we’re regularly in total focus behind the computer, we form a very close team. You can become friends with your colleagues, but it’s also okay to do your own thing. At Ophtec you can really be yourself.”

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